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One More Time!!!

My portrait by the great photographer John Barrett

Well, here I go trying the new Wix blog editor again. It's not been kindly or friendly to use so far but I'm willing to accept that I may be a bit slow on the uptake with the technical aspects of it. I'm, again, in the long process of finding the right Uni and funding for my PHD proposal but my feeling this third time 'round is that the effort expended is about to produce good results. Almost finished creating a new video for the track Calavera Man, a job that's been a lot of fun, if possibly un-neccesary! The current lockdown has taken a toll on me and my family that's been hard to put our finger on. We're all touchier than usual and feeling momentarily less than hopeful (I suspect my wife would say that was my problem more than anyone else's in the house). I do continue to trawl YouTube for flamenco fusion artistas I like - I hope you enjoy Mala Rodrigues as much as Ido!


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