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Back in the States
David put together a new group combining funk and flamenco rythyms with two brothers on bass and guitar, a mexican salsa drummer and keyboard player but  was unable to get label interest. He then met Herb Cohen (of Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and Tim Buckley) who became his manager and then convinced Angela to return from London to sing with David as a duo.  Flo and Eddie ( The Turtles and Frank Zappa) produced tracks for them at this time but, again, there was no label interest. David then met began working with Jack Nitzsche as a studio musician - playing guitar on Michelle Phillips (The Mamas and Papas) first solo album. He also played flamenco guitar for Giorgio Moroder on disco tracks.

David returned to London in 1980 to form a band with Barry Barlow, the drummer from Jethro Tull, and Chris Glen, the bass player from Alex Harvey. He met Mike Chapman and wrote two songs - Shame and Stay - which were used on Agnetha Faltskog's (ex of Abba) first solo album - 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me'.

photograph of my first band after Carmen - the flamenco rock band

A band with no name: the unknown drummer, Jeff, David Clark Allen, Suze and Greg.

photograph of my band Widescreen - after Carmen - the flamenco rock band

In 1983 David was diagnosed with cancer and after a thyroidectomy to remove cancer from his throat and vocal chords, he quit singing and literally rewrote his life becoming

Housk Randall - one of the world's foremost documentary photographers in the field of erotic anthropology. His exceptional black and white photography became his trademark. Through documenting the world of extremes, publishing books - six in total - and qualifying as a psycho-sexual therapist, David managed to beat a few of his own demons and the angel of death, once again, re-inventing himself. 

In 1996, David opted for family life, and started out all over again in the cushy, leafy environs of south London. With his wife Pia, he has worked to build up an extremely successful portrait studio - Alchemy Images

He also re-acquainted himself with his original love - flamenco - and continues to make new music, that "both harks back to the progressive rock/flamenco forms of Carmen, and open out into the realms of jazz, hip-hop and r&b".

Widescreen (left to right)

Charlotte, David 'Papa Tigre' Allen and Larry.


(left to right)

Jim 'Dandy' Macallister, Manos Felice, David 'Papa Tigre' Allen and Charlotte

Dead Man Walking  2000 - 2004

Rahil - a French/Agerian rapper, Heidi - a beautiful r&b chantuese, Mark - a north African influenced percussionist and David - composing and playing flamenco styled guitar.

Unfortunately, still no record label interest and due to lack of funds, they dis-banded.


Widescreen 2007 - 2011

Formed in 2007 by David Clark Allen. The re-release of Carmen’s three albums in 2006, by AngelAir, was the catalyst. His first album of 
instrumental music was released in the same package and brought David into contact with producer Larry Lush. That album entitled Widescreen became the name for a new band.

The band - David, Larry Lush and Charlotte - brought their cinematic musical vision straight into La Linea Festival where they opened for the Buena Vista Social Club. supported Eliades Ochoa and Ojos de Brujo! David’s melodies, picking up much of the progressive flamenco rock flavour of Carmen’s music, Larry’s rhythmic arrangements and brilliant programming and Charlotte’s fiery european jazz violin gave the music a film score quality which fell somewhere between Sergio Leone and Nine Inch Nails. They released one album, En Mi Vida.              

Flamexicano! 2011 - 2013

In ​2010, Larry parted company with Widescreen and David formed Flamexicano! with Charlotte, plus new members Pablo Parrachino (percussion) and Devid Dellaiera (double-bass). Then in 2012, Jim 'Dandy' Macallister (bass) and Manos Felice (percussion) joined. With Flamexicano!, David moved from the digital production of Widescreen to a live band sound which incorporated Mexican and Cuban elements, as well, into the soundmix.

photograph of my band Flamexicano! after CARMEN - the flamenco rock band
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