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              Carmen - the flamenco rock band                         "the most original rock band you'll ever hear"

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Carmen live on stage

In 1973, Carmen - the flamenco rock band -appeared on David Bowie's Midnight Special, with a dazzling performance of "Bulerias", opening track of their first album. 

Considering that this recording is almost 50 years old, and has been transformed and compressed to become available over the web, the quality of the film is amazingly good. 

But most of all, the whirlwind energy of Carmen's performance and their exceptional musicianship, comes across with full power.


Amanda Lear introduced Carmen and Tony Visconti did the live sound mixing for them.

Carmen performing 'Bulerias' on the David Bowie 1980 Floorshow Midnight Special.

CARMEN -   a track from the third carmen album

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