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Dreaming Of A Beautiful Future

I close my eyes to visualise the hopes and dreams of the past few years coming to fruition and in that darkness realise my life-long love of the macabre has returned. Although age and experience provide a matured response to most things, my youthful infatuation with horror and all things Gothic still burns brightly. A part of me recognises the 'silliness' inherent in presenting oneself as a mythic beast but the sheer exuberant violence of the music and visuals this genre uses excites me. I'm reminded of the Mexican acceptance of brutality that once frightened and charged my childhood. I sure had some wild relatives. So watch this space for more examples of 'Death Metal''. My inner 'thrash' guitarist has awakened. Jinjer's musicianship is impeccable - such great players! And Tatiana has one bad ass voice!


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