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              Carmen - the flamenco rock band                         "the most original rock band you'll ever hear"

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photograph of my band Carmen - the flamenco rock band and Bowie

Hanging out with 'Ziggy'. David was a most passionate supporter. He introduced us at publicity events and featured us as special guests on his Midnight Special '1980 Floorshow'. He and Angie and their close friends used to come round for Roberto's homemade Mexican meals while we were living in London.


We also met Queen ( we both used Tony Brainsby as a publicist ), Marianne Faithful, Brian Ferry, Marc Bolan ( Paul - our drummer - ended up working with him on recordings and tours when we were writing new material ) during this fortunate period of time.

Tony Visconti was funny, musically generous and a wonderful producer/engineer - he could truly 'walk his talk'.


Although not credited, Danny Thompson of double-bass and cockney rhyming slang notoriety - he wrote and played the bass part for Lou Reed's 'Take A Walk on the Wild Side' single - played on our second album.

photograph of my sister Angela, vocalist and keyboards in Carmen - the flamenco rock band

Angela - my sister, vocalist, keyboardist and one half of Carmen's Flamenco dance troupe - happens to be strikingly beautiful . . . so Vogue only used a photo of her when they ran an article about us. C'est la vie. 

Me, photographed for an article in Guitarist magazine playing my favorite Oribe flamenco guitar. Although I wore fingernail polish for Glam's sake, it was also great for strengthening them.

photograph of me - the founder of CARMEN - the flamenco rock band.
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