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Mental Music and Thoughts!!!

So here it is, 11am and I'm writing a new blog piece. It's a hot sunny day outside and I'm feeling crazy and slightly confused as to the way forward. A familiar place. I have to wait 'til the end of this year before I can submit my funding applications for a PHD again - it's taken so long and used up so much effort, I've lost a good measure of my initial enthusiasm. I'm drawing a line under it this time, either I get the funding or it's over, no more pursuing a path that has proved extremely difficult. Money!!! On the other hand I've been enjoying much good music and want to share it with you. This particular group "BabyMetal!!!' touches my love of late 80's Industrial and Techno/Goth music. I get a tremendous kick out of the musician's technical abilities combined with the lead singers crazy, anime 'danger grrrl' personas. The rhythms are precise, perfectly delivered and their live sound is awesome. I hope you enjoy the weirdness as much as I do!!!


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