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Flamenco Fusion Renaissance!!!

There must be a musical renaissance happening in Spain based around flamenco as I keep finding more and more amazing flamenco fusion artists. To be honest, I thought I was clicking on a new Rosalia track but I'm just as happy to have discovered Rosario instead. Her video is campy and retro with a combination of electro bass, tacone, flamenco guitar and a New Orleans/Cuban flavoured horn section that's a joy to hear! There's another facet as well, the commercial music business in Spain seems less concerned with youth than appears the case in the UK or US, which allows for a more interesting panoply of performers. Personally, I've always loved the much older, fierce gitana dancers - their lack of concern about anything but raw intensity is exhilarating to watch. Rosario's raspy voice drives the track, along with the punching 'old skool' horn stabs. Great fun!!!


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