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How did I get here?

Hola readers, it's a warm, lovely day in London as I sit here writing. My eldest son is revising for his final exams and my youngest is playing out with a friend. Pia and I are working on the final preparations for the annual Dulwich Open House Artists Weekend.

How did I get here?

I was a rock and roll gypsy. A glammed-up groupie magnet. A paid up member of alternative society. Life takes you by surprise, that's for sure. Having said that, almost everything I aimed for I got. It just wasn't ever what I expected.

Looking back on my musical career in particular, I've realised that most of what did/didn't happen was directly because of my choices. I spent alot of time blaming external forces when the big money never appeared, or when the 'bigger than the Beatles' predictions of my mother ( my first and foremost fan ) didn't happen, but I was wrong - it was me.

I now realise I was never interested in anything other than creating and expressing my craft without pressure to make it more 'commercial', ie; how someone else decided it should be. I've actually managed to do that all my life. The money and fame were always secondary. I just forget that when I'm running in the race.

So now I've got a family, I'm much older and no richer but I still rehearse/record/play gigs with my latest band 'Papa Tigre' and love music as much as I ever did! D


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