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Further Adventures in Academia?

My portrait by the wonderful photographer John Barrett

Here it is, Autumn, and the leaves are turning brown (a line from a popular 40s song). I'm currently sitting at my desktop wondering how wide my ass will get now that most of my artistic work consists of many hours each day composing and recording in Logic Pro (don't you love the contemporary use of the word Pro as a marketing tool to charge more money). When I was a photographer I was on my feet all day but also ruining my lungs inhaling chemical fumes in the darkroom . . . whatever you do there's always a price to pay. Apple, referring to computers again, is changing the game with their new OS 'Catalina' which means I can no longer download updates. My computer's 10 years old - a brilliant, flexible workhorse and friend but starting to show its age. I'm convinced that Apple somehow sneak 'slowdownware' into older models to get the owners to buy their latest product, 'cause I'm a 60s conspiracy theory type of guy. Yesterday I accidentally bought skim milk and now my morning latte tastes "pheeewwww", too bitter and thin - I just tasted it. Although I'm mainly veggie now (my sons instigated that almost unthinkable change in my diet) I still love my full fat dairy! So I'm off to LA for a short visit sometime in Nov and not particularly looking forward to it - jet-lag's getting harder to deal with, my mother needs help moving into senior living care (something I never envisioned when I settled in London 4 decades ago) and the family home I've been visiting for the past 6 years is in the process of being sold - all change! I begin my 'searching for funding for a PHD' journey at the end of Nov and look forward to finding out what the next chapter in my life will be about - further adventures in academia or ???. Take care all. D

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