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Inspiration, Where Art Thou???

My portrait by the wonderful photographer John Barrett

So here we are again, having a one way conversation conducted in virtual 'space', responses read and answered, just not in 'realtime'. Your delayed

messages appear suddenly, delivered by the tides of an internet sea. In other words, I sit in front of my computer writing this blogpost for an unknown audience while looking at the image I use as my avatar (how did I get so weathered and aged??? Oh yeah, I remember . . . I've lived a long time). Re-creating myself is becoming continually more difficult. My hopes and wishes seem more nebulous (no 'reeling in the years' like some ersatz Steely Dan) and I'm less willing to put effort into dreams that may not happen. Having written those thoughts, I realise I've lost a lot of my American 'can do' approach (and for anyone who is rightly annoyed by my use of the word American to describe the US, I'm being ironic). There is something to be said for the 'anything's possible' view taught to US citizens when I was a kid. It helps when you believe that achievement is within your grasp if you just work hard enough. The Protestant ethic writ large for a new country whose 'ruling class' (the wealthy) exploit the less fortunate the same as in every other country (though in the States they've refined it - it's your fault if you're impoverished). Anyway, I'm drifting with this so I'll wrap it up for now and say farewell til my next blogpost! All the best D

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