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People and trees

When I found photography - a response to having cancer - trees were among the first things I 'saw'. The forested parks of south London became my hunting grounds. Camera in hand, I obsessively used and developed film. My technique was limited but my focus was clear. I should also mention that sexual portraits - that's what I called them - took up a substantial part of my image-making life.

Recently married, my young wife felt the need to comment: "Well . . . I married a musician with long hair and now I'm married to a bald pornographer!" I'd just shaved my head for the first time. My father, on seeing the work I was making, perceptively remarked: "Oh, you're dealing with sex and death." Photography marked the beginning of a long, strange journey that took me to the dark places in my soul as well as bringing me great satisfaction and joy.

I know, I know! . . . these musings are completely out of context but blogging seems to lend itself to writing like this. I have no idea who my readers are!

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