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My dad.

The 'dancing man' you see above is an illustration by my father. I was 5 when he drew it. He was eccentric, talented, and completely unable to share the limelight with anyone else in our household. We had a love/hate relationship to put it mildly.

My musical abilities were both a source of pride and great jealousy for him. He usually verbalised both emotions simultaneously: "That was brilliant playing David! Shame you don't know how to keep an audience interested." The cut was always deeper than the praise.

About 7 years ago I released my first album in 3 decades, Widescreen. This coincided with my father offering me a large portfolio of his artwork, worried that his second wife would throw it away if she got the chance. I suspected he was right and took it. That was when I discovered the 'dancing man'. Having recently made a decision to accept my father just as he was, I thought it would be a lovely idea to include his artwork on the album. So I did.

​Much more about my unique father and his truly individual parenting to come.

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