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An experienced perspective.

With age comes experience and, hopefully, wisdom. My friend - Al Funkalino, of Shrunken Heads Studio - gave me a dollop of his ( experience and wisdom ) the other day. "Boy, your hair ain't ever growing back sooo . . . check out my extensive wig collection. Here, I'll put one on ya myself, et Voila!" "Now go shred some guitar, son." What veritable pearls of knowledge from another ageing musical soul. One of the things I find most liberating about becoming older is that I don't give a damn how I look - in everyday life and, especially, on stage. I just have fun because - truth be told - whatever I do, no female does anything except compliment me on my boots, my fancy white guitar, or the feeling I put into my singing. Yup, sex-appeal ran away from me quite awhile back . . . and it hasn't come back yet.

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