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Lookin' Through the Haze!!!

I've just become acquainted with Haze - a Spanish rapper who's been using flamenco as his 'go to' track flavouring for years. His work reminds me of Control Machete, another favourite of mine. Having been in the music business more or less all of my life, I don't know why I'm surprised his music isn't more well known but there you go - maybe it's because he only raps in Spanish rather than Spanglish. The track I've posted, Personajes , was recorded a decade and a half ago and still sounds reasonably contemporary with its use of flamenco guitar and voz over HipHop beats. Haze continues to create flamenco fusion rap tracks, his latest just dropped a couple of weeks ago, but this track in particular grabbed my musical ear. If you like what you hear, check out his latest joints on YouTube.


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