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damn Right!!!

Ever wonder why you're interested in or enjoy certain things? I do. Audrey Nuna is a Korean HipHop artist I've recently become aware of who stands out from the crowd for me . . . and I can't quite figure out why. YouTube put her video Damn Right up as a suggestion while I was checking out Rina Sawayama (she's so good!) and I clicked on it at first 'cause I thought it was Rina. Algorithms can be amazingly spot on, I watched and listened to the complete track - and then watched it again. Three days later, busy finishing off and uploading my latest video Calavera Man I'd forgotten I was going to post Audrey's video. Remembering, I decided to double-check whether I still liked it and 'damn Right, I did'!!! Besides being immaculately produced, I find it immensely catchy and appealing. Still not really sure why. I hope you, my audience, finds her as watchable and off-centre as I do!


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