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My New Blog Site . . . maybe.

Hi everyone - I'm trying out a new blog site today. I've been happy with my old one but decided it was time for change. How much change is an unknown at the moment 'cause as I write this, everything looks fairly similar to the last blog space I used. FYI - I may have been hacked recently, so if any unwarranted sex videos purporting to involve me find their way into your feeds, I apologise profusely in advance. I'm not really sure yet what to do yet although I'm definitely not planning to pay the blackmail request that came with the hackers notice to me. If the notice I received is real, porno-video Hell will be released later tonight or tomorrow! I must say this a strange situation to be part of considering the work I did as Housk. Again, to all the readers of my Blog, Tweets, etc., big apologies if anything annoying really does occur as a result of me refusing to bow down to this purported hacker.


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