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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Sittin' at my computer writing a short holiday blog piece at the end of quite a bumpy year. I've finished my academic journey for now and I can't begin to describe how much more relaxed I feel knowing there are no immediate essays to write or grades to achieve (I admit I'm an obsessive and very competitive, although primarily with myself). I know, I've posted that I've applied for a funded PHD but whether that happens still remains to be seen. I'm participating in the official Goldsmith's graduation ceremony Jan 16th, which will draw a line under all the work I've done over the past two years. I'm then planning to visit my mother in the States for her 90th birthday in February. She never expected to live to that age. When I was a child she used to tell me the women on her side of our family didn't last particularly long . . . boy was she wrong! I just hope I've inherited the longevity and energy both my parents were blessed with. Happy Holidays everyone - I hope your lives are shaping up well for the next decade - 2020 is sooo balanced and cool as a number, got to be good! D


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