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Where Do We Go From Here?

My portrait taken by the excellent John Barrett

I haven't posted for a while as Wix has changed the Blog page and I'm having difficulties getting it to work. There are a few weeks left for this iteration of their blog template so I'm taking advantage of that and using it! This has been a weirder year than I ever thought possible. With winter on it's way, I guess it will get even stranger - as most news feeds state that coronavirus plays happy in cold, damp weather. There are so many social, traveling and everyday pleasures no longer available that I sometimes feel despondent. I used to visit my mother in LA a couple of times a year but that's just not on right now. As she's almost 91, WTF!!! I'm aware that, in the much bigger picture of life on this planet, these are relatively small inconveniences but it's still restrictive and with no definite end in sight yet. We'll probably all be laughing and dining out on stories from this period sometime next year, so ROLL ON NEXT YEAR and Love and good health to everyone!!!

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