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I Love Music!!!

Photograph of myself by John Barrett

I've been doing my regular trawl through YouTube and Spotify searching for interesting new music and ideas. There's a lot of great work but I was particularly touched by Jorja Smith's new video/song 'By Any Means'. Powerful from the start it morphs from a distant RnB/Gospel sounding vocal bathed in Old Skool reverb into rap influenced, in your face, sung/spoken word. Although it borrows elements of a classic '50s/60s jazz trio (double bass, small drum kit, keyboards) the sound and groove are right up to date through the use of synths and sampled drum hits. The steady crack of a dry side stick provides audio 'bite', in contrast to Jorja's melancholic, often langourous voice that continually moves in and around the beat. This track touches me deeply and reminds me of why I love music so much. Take care all!!! D

Jorja Smith - 'By Any Means'.

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