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Shaking It Up!!!

My photographic image by John Barrett

I find the fact that blogs are often just another way to PR yourself (as opposed to being a platform for any real thoughts or pearls of personal "wisdom"), an interesting phenomena. I go back and forth with how I present myself continuously. In a virtual world we can all be whoever we decide - as very few of our FB friends, Instagram followers, etc. will ever meet us. It's seductive, except . . . we all tend to continually offer the same old, same old. I'm ranting a bit because I've hit a wall with social media self-promotion thinly disguised as genuine love for fellow humans. I find it difficult enough feeling connected to most people I actually know, let alone the conceptual 'amigos' I've acquired in my quest for an audience. It's not that I don't care about others, it's just that I question how much 'others' care for me and, once that thought takes hold, the rabbit-hole of mutual insincerity becomes so deep and twisted there's almost no way back! So I'm doing my best to write 'real' thoughts and understandings. Whether anyone 'likes', listens or watches my artistic output because of my blogging is less important than being genuine (and yeah, I know - we could all write books about the difficulties of being genuine). So let's see how this plays out!

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