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My photographic portrait eyes open! Taken by John Barrett.

My country of origin seems to have been hijacked by a wannabe supremacist tyrant who has managed to inspire hate in the hearts of more US citizens than I ever imagined possible. We all need to stand together and create a better, more accepting world. Let's choose love, not hate. Amerika has always been volatile - my memories of Vietnam and the student riots of the 60s are still clear. Most citizens of LA (considered a liberal city during my youth) knew never to get involved with the police. If you had the 'wrong' racial heritage (not WASP) we also knew they were a potentially deadly force . . . and that was in the home of Hollywood. Despair is what I've often felt about my humanity. We all have so much potential for good and yet are so capable of being destroyers. I'm throwing my actions and being into making this moment in history a turning point. No more shaming, harming or killing people different from ourselves - whoever we consider ourselves!!! We all only have one shot at life - money, greed and the power to hurt are shabby choices. We could be helping each other, spreading and experiencing kindness in return. Live and let live. Xxx

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