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I See You!!!

Not an image of 'Uncle Sam', just me!

Not today, Mr. Virus, not today!!! I've found this past week the most difficult one so far. For someone who never takes more than 5 minutes to fall asleep, I've had insomnia and unsettling dreams every night. I feel as if all my hopes and goals are pointless - that they're never going to happen. I'm sure I caught the virus in January (for two weeks I was very exhausted, had trouble breathing and my lips turned blue). After I recovered I felt assured I was one of the lucky ones, i.e.; I now had immunity. Then the papers declared there is no immunity and that it's quite possible to be re-infected. Great. In the 60s, 'conspiracy theories' abounded. I never paid much attention to them, being more concerned about creating a career in the music business. I now see that 'news', dependant on the political and business thrust of the owners, dispenses contradictory and just plain false information. During the time I worked as a photographer, I studied the history of image making - and very little has changed. As far back as the late 1800s and early part of the 20th century, governmental manipulation of official photographs was remarkably sophisticated. People were removed and replaced seamlessly. History seems to be primarily a fiction, a 'Hollywood' airbrushed narrative offered as reality by our ruling parties to suit their needs. Not exactly a new discovery but certain periods in our collective lives seem to expose the machinations behind our daily existence more than others. Usually times of difficulty. Times when the 'status quo' is interrupted . . . like now. Not sure what led me down this rabbit hole but there you go. And now for something completely different - great, imaginative music videos!!! At least I think so.

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