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Knocked Out of the Ballpark!!!

My photographic image taken by the talented John Barrett

Hey fellow travellers! Our world is certainly different at the moment. I was working to get financing for a PHD which has been put on the back burner for now - I suspect only pharmaceutically based research stands a chance for the time being. I also accidentally re-posted a dodgy article that appeared on my FB page. As soon as I realised what had happened, I added my thoughts about the article (what bullshit) something I definitely don't believe or want to promote. Well that sure started a shit-storm of comment, both for and against! It's volatile out there on the net!!!

On a positive note - the wonderful musicians and artists I know have gotten together and started a 'let's all monetise our YouTube selves' campaign. We're all subscribing to each others channels - better than moaning about our loss of work. The thought has been that if you reach a 1,000 subscribers you're allowed to monetise but someone has just posted that they don't actually believe that's true. It's down to the viewings your videos generate. Oh well - that pretty much knocks me out the ballpark! Just in case I can turn things around I'm including my YouTube url in this blog posting.

Everyone stay safe - I'm getting used to moving 6 feet away from anyone else. We just look, shrug and smile. Xxx





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