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It's Almost Spring!!!

My photographic portrait of me by John Barrett

Here we go - it's almost Spring!!! And I think I see the big eyes of Coronavirus just around the corner . . . and they're not blinking. Although I don't count myself as a 'Doomsday prepper', I do realise that as one gets older, you've got to take more care of your physical self. I recently crawled away from two months of bronchial congestion 'cause I forgot winter can be a bitch in England - got to wear long-johns and warm, wooly vests. I didn't . . . I paid the price. Next year I'll be smarter and say: "Not this time winter! Oh no, not again, I'm ready for you . . . even got my bed socks on during the day!" That should do it. Damn. I exercise every morning, have loads of energy and plenty of goals I'm passionate about and I was still taken out by a viral 'whatever'. The worst part of it was feeling like an ancient, decrepit old codger barely able to get out of bed at the start of day which, of course, I'm not close to being. Ha, ha! Good health to everyone and their loved ones! D

ps: Please take a moment to listen to and watch the three latest tracks from my All Along the Borderlands EP collection. There's a 4th track dropping soon too!

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