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Hasta Luego!!! (hopefully after you read my blog)

A wonderful glass plate photograph of me taken by John Barrett

Almost the end of Feb - two months into 2020 already! My well loved SSL mixing desk has gone down again with technical hiccups but I'm viewing this annoyance as a positive thing - life is exposing problems at the start of the year, allowing me to sort them before it matters too much. Right now I'm concentrated on reading a vast number of books focused on music, migration and Mexican/American culture - then on to music and Identity, music and magic and finally music and madness . . . I don't plan to be composing or recording for awhile! I'm finally beginning to understand what's needed for a PHD in contrast to a Masters. With a Masters you show that you're familiar with, and can utilise, a wide range of philosophical concepts regarding your subject. A PHD requires you go beyond that - you need to know what's already been written and theorised about your subject and then produce new, original ideas about that subject. So, for the meantime, I'm busy doing groundwork - which will, hopefully, lead me to wherever it is I need to go philosophically concerning the uses and importance of music. Justifying my existence, to be completely honest!

I recently met with a long time friend (a much accoladed performance artist and professor) who was bemoaning the fact that as an older person, he was aware the youth of today were beginning to 'ghost' him - he was no longer considered 'fanciable'. Resigning oneself to being an elder with knowledge and experience is just that - a rather melancholy realisation that can morph into a metaphoric 'mantle of resignation' - at least for those of us who considered ourselves attractive during their youthful years. I'd become aware of the same thing during my time at Goldsmith's. Although treated with genuine politeness by students in their 20s and 30s (like a kindly older relative who still humorously thinks they're relevant) I was never invited to the parties and get-togethers that happened regularly. Yeah, I knew about 'em. 'C'est la vie.'

My father, unfortunately, allowed this universal inevitability (unless you're rich) to compromise his behaviour, which resulted in a mistake with serious consequences. He decided (as a much older man) to marry a much younger woman. They struck, what he considered, a worthwhile bargain: in return for her obtaining a US passport and the Hollywood 'heritage' house he owned - he was given the promise of . . . . . sex!!!. With a younger woman.

How'd that work out ??? It didn't. At least, not for him. That taught me an important lesson. Never fool yourself about who you are - it won't end well.

Not sure why I diverted onto that particular path but I did. I hope all of the readers of my blog are doing well in their endeavours - I'm now going to return to reading about the Mexican/American migration experience from 1910 through and including the 1940s! Hasta Luego! D

Oops! I forgot to include my music and video links!!! Here they are:

iTunes/Apple Music All Along The Borderland

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