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What A Day!!!

me on myMMus  graduation day photographed by Pia!

Hi all - I've been Instagraming, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc., all evening! Most of my fellow graduants were posting selfies immediately after the ceremony but I'm still not as quick on the draw or social media savvy as my younger fellow students.

I have a life-long habit of never acknowledging my achievements, moving on to the next hurdle without jumping for joy (or even smiling a bit!). So I'm changing that now - I'm really pleased and proud of myself for what I've accomplished over the past 4 years!!!

My wife, Pia - deserves a huge accolade for suggesting I do this and for supporting me while I climbed the mountain of technical and academic learning that presented itself to me (I wasn't always easy to get along with during this journey!). My sons also remained lovely and helpful, allowing me to either disappear into my studio or read for weeks on end without a whimper. Next week I'm off to meet the professor I believe will become my mentor for a PHD and . . . "the journey continues!!!"

A brief thought: NEVER give up on yourself or your dreams. Time will pass no matter what - so don't let fear stop you from continuing to take chances. You'll never know if you don't try!

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