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Sooo Much Better!!!

Another wonderful photographic portrait of myself by John Barrett

I've been trying to switch to my new blog site for weeks but nothing works like the provider claims. My main concern is the loss of all my previous blogs - they're supposed to be automatically migrated but they haven't been as far as I'm aware. I get more and more frustrated with technology as it changes, glitches and wastes my time while assuring me it will work sooo much better if I give it a chance. I've used almost every iteration of Photoshop since the beginning and from #3 on - the only differences have been cosmetic . . . and the inclusion of that time-consuming task of finding where they've put all the tools I use in the new version, 'cause app designers seem to love to fiddle with what doesn't really matter! OK, done with that rant.

Now - to offer a positive moment, London has been crisp, sunny and quiet in my neck of the woods today and I just got back from an afternoon constitutional that was magic, walking was an exceptionally fine pleasure. I'm about to start collecting bits of old documentary films, photos, etc. in preparation for the editing of a new music video. It's been 10 months since I last put one together so a good part of my preparation is about remembering how the hell I even did it! I despair at how quickly skills and hard won knowledge disappear from my brain cells. I hope all of you (I write that in the good faith that there is a group of readers out there interested in following my thoughts and life!) are enjoying the final weeks of what, so far, has been a lovely December. Festive cheer to all and a quiet 'prayer' from me that the current xenophobic climate passes sooner, rather than later!!! D

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