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Keep On Truckin' !!!

Life is fascinating. I've just sent a PHD proposal off that could change the course of my next 4 years . . . or not, depending on whether it's accepted. I'm also in the active process of looking for a job, a search whose outcome (either I get one or not) will also change my life considerably. My mother is moving into an assisted living home in a month (something neither she nor I expected) and that's going to change things quite a bit - besides the air-fare, I'll now need to find a place to stay and a rental car whenever I visit LA. Over the next few months the 'nuts and bolts' of these changes will become apparent and I'll discover what it is I'm building. Life seems to be an endless set of challenges (Chidi, a character in the TV series The Good Place, described it succinctly, commenting to his afterlife 'handler' that "Everyday you have to find the answer again!"). Ain't it the truth. Invariably, whenever I think I've reached a steady plateau, if I look up, there's a higher one just making it's presence felt. So, in the immortal words of the 60s cartoonist, Robert Crumb (who borrowed them from the 30s blues artist Blind Boy Fuller, who probably appropriated them from an earlier source, 'cause the sentiments have always been part of our human lexicon) just gotta "Keep On Truckin' !".

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