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All Aboard!!! Change a'coming

Eyes open photo of me by the magnificent John Barrett

I guess 'Porno Hell' was a damp squib - nothing's happened as far as I know. I'm fairly diligent about my malware protection and it seems as if someone was just trying it on - my fingers are still crossed though. I've become so accustomed to sitting all day at the computer composing/recording music, I almost forgot I never did that before I went to the IMW recording engineer/producers school and Goldsmiths University. The past 4 years of study changed my daily pattern immensely and I'm having to unpick it now. One of the results of my 'unpicking' is that I may have a job at a DJ store within the next month or so - looks possible and I like the owner. If it pans out, it will get me out of the house regularly and in the company of people! Oh yeah . . . it will help with the bills as well. My youngest is about to begin performing as a rapper - I'm so proud of his determination and abilities. He's writing his own lyrics, taught himself how to record his voice (he's got a great double-tracking octave thing going on!) and he looks so happy when he's practicing his stage moves, etc. I'll let you all know how his career progresses. I'm also in the process of setting up gigs as a solo artist and wondering how that will feel - I've always performed with a band. All Aboard!!! Change a'coming.

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