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Eyes open photographic portrait of DCA by John Barrett

First thing in the morning and I'm trying to think of something to write that will do justice to my title and getting nowhere fast . . . HOLD ON! I've just noticed how my disadvantaged (read partially sighted) left eye looks in this blog photo - droopy and lifeless. Three ops on and none of them have changed the fact that I no longer see much. Although my right eye's still fairly perky, I'll be truly fucked if it decides to pack in at some point in the future! The fact that time keeps eroding my former good looks (ha, ha) is also there for all to see. Oh well.

Pitching of my PHD research subject is the main concern right now, with just three weeks to get it right (I'm booked for a couple of Post-Graduate 'funding fairs' at the end of the month). I believe my subject matter is solid but 'presentation' will be a crucial factor. In order to stand a chance of obtaining outside funding, I need to make sure my idea appears socially and commercially relevant . . . and within a few concise sentences 'cause gaining a PHD is expensive! My time is too.

I'm adding a current selfie taken just now - just for the record. D

ps: Boy, the wide-angle lens of my mobile makes my nose seem massive!

Current selfie by DCA

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