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How Has Your Year Been?

Photo of me by John Barrett

I can't believe how fast this year has gone! A year of change for me - completed my studies, my mother and sister are moving homes . . . and I need to find a job. One that pays. I'm also spending time trying to enter the Library music game again - I've been offered another shot at being included in a Goldsmith's/EMI album. I was turned down last year when I submitted material but maybe I'll be more fortunate this time. My mixing skills have improved noticeably over the past two years. Going back over pieces I recorded for my masters, I've been able to clear up muddy sounds I either wasn't aware of before or didn't know how to fix. The somewhat brutal feedback I received at Goldsmiths (at least it felt like that to me) made me up my game. I can honestly say I've become a pro level mixer/mastering engineer.

Trump and 'politics' seem to have dominated most of this years news headlines - will he go the way of Nixon . . . who knows? Having been born not long after WW2, I'm aware aspects of relatively recent history seem to be repeating themselves. Anyone else notice the similarities? And the US/Mexican immigrant issue and racial profiling that accompanies it are unacceptable (children taken from their parents and held in 'secure camps' for no specified length of time). We were demeaned as a people and hated when I grew up S Cal and those attitudes are back with a vengeance (I'm Chicano). The results of pointing a finger at anyone and blaming them for the worlds troubles is ultimately pointless and leads to places no-one should ever want to go to. Apart from that, how has your year been?

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