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Madness, Magic, Murder . . .

My portrait taken by the great photographer John Barrett

Hey, hey, hey - It's autumn and clear, crisp and lovely outside!!! I'm busy trying to think of a subject that would interest and excite me enough to spend the next 4/5 years studying, recording and writing about it for a PHD. I've got two funding fairs booked already . . . but no definitive idea yet that might get a University interested. Identity, as expressed and shaped through music, was my main topic for the MMus but I want to look into some place wilder and more edgy for a PHD. I'd also like it to be a work based project (involving the creation of new compositions) - maybe about how music has provided an outlet to express the ??? for humanity throughout the ages. It's the ??? that's foxing me. Madness, magic, murder . . . what? All of the previous ideas? I'm thinking it might involve anthropology and philosophy as well as music - an interdisciplinary approach towards research about our use of sound, rhythm and music as a means to express our internal chaos and achieve healing or balance in some form. Hmm, maybe I'm closer than I think to solving my academic quandary!

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