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What An Experience!!!

My portrait photographed by the wonderful John Barrett

Wednesday . . . and what a beautiful, crisp autumn day it is! My jet-setting cousin Joel is in town at the moment (jet-setting - how's that for a 60s phrase) and is coming over for a meal tonight. We're all looking forward to it (he flew in to play a gig at the Barbican yesterday). I've just finished recording a musical soundscape and poems to be sent for consideration as an installation piece. It was commissioned by a poet's co-op and fun to do . . . I even accepted a certain amount of creative direction (just a certain amount).

Trimmed my beard a few weeks ago and currently look less forbidding. I'd change the image I'm using now ('old man of the sea'/ 'warrior monk') but I don't have a new portrait that matches its power yet . . . a selfie isn't quite the same. It's now been a week since turning in my final 'Masters' project and I'm still no closer to knowing what next, but I am more relaxed. Although the past 4 years have been very intense and the benefits are taking a while to make themselves known, I'm very glad I made the choice to go for it - WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! Take care all. D

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