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Come On Clarity!!!

my photographic portrait taken by the talented John Barrett.

I've almost completed my 4 year technical and academic journey. 'Almost' because I still have no idea whether I've gain a masters or not - another month before I find out. To think I almost didn't do it. When my partner Pia first suggested it to me, my reaction was "You gotta be joking, I'm way too old. I'll be almost 70 before I finish!" Well, I am almost 70 now, but so what? Time was going to pass by anyway. I'm just so happy I did choose to do it. What now? Not sure. I'll probably apply for PHD funding (I still need to figure out what I want to research) and see what happens. Whether live performance will continue to be a part of my life and what I want to say in my music now are unanswered questions at the moment but clarity often arrives once you relax. As a confirmed, tightly wound perfectionist, I can only exclaim (with great wisdom, of course), "COME ON CLARITY, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!!!!!!"

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