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Don't Look Back!

Well, I just re-read my last post and had to laugh. After all my excitement about redoing 'Dreamtime' I finally listened to it!

Never look back, it can be disappointing.

What I thought was a marvelous adult fairytale/myth was a rather 'of it's time', overwrought piece of work. So much for memory - it can fool you.

I'm now 3 months into an intense year of study to become a recording engineer/producer and, although exhausted, am loving and getting it. Maybe the ability to write music in a new way - using Logic Pro - is part of my changing perception of earlier work, or maybe I'm just acquiring more skill at not fooling myself about the worth of what I do.

None of us artists get it right everytime.

This journey is long one - I've also been accepted on a two year MMus in Creative Practice that will really turn my musical world upside down and sideways! It's something I feel I truly need to do - look at my style and clarify what I'm trying to communicate.

I'm also learning to shoot and edit video this year - I'm thinking I want to present my work in a multi-media stylee.

Lucky I was gifted with a large dose of my mothers outrageously powerful stamina and fortitude - I'm going to need every bit of it!

Hasta luego for now. D

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