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My Big Vision!

Hola todos, I'm back after a bit of a hiatus. I've reached a turning point in my musical/artisitic career. I want to include all my artistic passions in one multi-media package - so to speak. I've spent the last couple of years getting Papa Tigre! into a musical shape that fit and imagining a live theatrical show that, at times, has felt beyond my abilities and energy to realise.

I wrote and recorded a fable/myth with musical backing 27 years ago. I called it 'Dreamtime'. I performed it once in Amsterdam and then went on to concentrate on photography.

I'm planning to record new music on top of the original track and add another 15 minutes or so. I also plan to create a video/stills program to be shown at the same time. Papa Tigre! will also play live along with the backing track.

It's a combination of storytelling/song and visuals.

I need to acquire new skills in order to realise my vision - recording engineer and video editor. I'm about to start a 4 month course to learn Logic Pro and then Final Cut Pro.

I've spent my life thinking these were skills I either couldn't or didn't have to learn.

Please wish me well. I'm finding this quite daunting! D

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