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An Internet Legend . . . ?

I suspect I've been slow off the mark here but I've just figured out that a website can be an eventual legacy. All you have to do is pay for a century's hosting/webspace, copyright the domain name in perpetuity, hope that the technology of the future will allow the site to work, think of some extremely clever, never done before, pr campaign to make people aware of it's existence and - Bob's your uncle! - an internet legend is born!

I'm at the time of life where 'being remembered' is more often than not in my thoughts. At least I've managed to put the desire for fame on my rubbish heap of pointless goals along with being 'BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES!'. Don't laugh, that was a real personal ambition when I was 14.

What's the point of all this that I do? . . . a question I've started asking myself more and more often. The understanding that I'll probably never know has lead me to the idea of a website containing all aspects of my Life.

I can work on it right up 'til the end. I can twiddle it to perfection. I can marvel at the amount of work I've accomplished and all the different directions I've followed and tell myself: "What an amazing life." . . . and there's a hell of a lot more to come! It doesn't matter that only a handful of humanity is aware of me and that the majority of those who do know me are bored stiff by my incessant guitar/vocal practice and 'unusually musically focused' way of being.

My not so secret hope is that people who don't know me personally will accidently discover my website and spread the word about this truly exceptionally talented, massively brilliant, fabulously fascinating, really wise artist and all round superb fellow who they'd never heard of. He could have been massively famous and lauded in his lifetime . . . let's go viral with this and make it happen now! As you can see, putting pointless goals on a rubbish heap doesn't always mean they go away.

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