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Re-discovering hope!

Hope . . . a short word with such large meaning attached to it! I occasionally lose sight of where I'm going to and why. I look in the mirror and think: "Damn, time's takin' the piss!. My body has more aches and pains every year despite the fact that I workout at the local gym two to three times a week.

Now I usually just get on with things - writing songs, rehearsing, setting up gigs and promoting shows, recording, etc. and, oh yeah! . . . spending time with my lovely wife and sons. Just now and then, according to Pia more now than then, I fall into the pothole of despair. Sometimes I stay there longer than I should - like the past few months.

For some reason I thought of a band I loved back in the day, Magma. I checked on YouTube and discovered a plethora of live performance videos - most of them current. Christian Vander ( the creator of and drummer/vocalist with Magma ) is now 67 years old. He looks battered as shit and truly unfashionble but . . . he's still a musical shaman and the finest drummer I've ever heard - that includes the mighty John Bonham and Paul Fenton!

The band is actually better than it was in the '70's, their playing has matured, their vision is just as potent and Christian is playing with the vigour of a young man. Magma are also still recording and playing class gigs all over Europe. That has given me such hope, I can't even begin to tell you how much. He's an artist who's stayed true to his art and is surviving with dignity and passion.

Long live Magma! Long live me! . . . and every other artist out there determined to continue making their mark in this or some future time!

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