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The second reason

I've been thinking 'bout the temptations offered in the music business. From 14 'til my early thirties the second most important reason I formed bands and played live was sex. I hoped to have groupies ( women impressed by my style and performance ability ) coming out my whatever!

My wants were set at a Led Zeppelin level - their exploits were infamous in LA - but my reality was somewhat less. The closest I came to my nirvana was knowing one of their most notorious girls. She was not interested in anyone of a lesser stature and only tolerated my understated lust. I had to be content with fantasies.

I spent a lot of time bemoaning my paucity of rock'n roll lifestyle perks. Looking back, I now realise I was fairly active in that arena but if you've set your sights to an unrealistic level, reality disappoints.

I guess that holds true for most things. It's as important to recognise when you've done a good job as it is to spot the mistakes/failures you think you've made.

By the way, the first reason I form bands is because I love making music!!! D

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