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I've owned and disposed of a lot of valuable guitars during my musical life. I've always been influenced by fashion, both looks and sound. Although 'Josephine' - my beloved Gretsch White Falcon - is here to stay, I do regret the loss of most of my instruments. I was very cavalier in my youth, chopping 'n changing at the drop of a stacked heel.

I usually traded them in for the next jewel in my eye, never thinking about the future or whether I would ever be able to acquire them again. As it's turned out, I most definitely can't!

Excuse me but I'm taking a guitar-muso moment. I have owned and played a '62 Fender Tele, '59 Strat, 58 Les Paul junior, '65 Les Paul gold top, '65 six and twelve string Rickenbackers, Gibson 'Chet Atkins' electric classical, Gibson LS6 and on and on . . . I really couldn't afford to buy any of them now.

My Gretsch has become a 'beloved' musical partner in a curiously definitive way. It doesn't matter that it wasn't made during the most desirable and collectable years, I just love holding it, playing it and looking at it. Odd but most satisfying. I've never felt this way about any of my guitars so it's a quite a pleasant surprise.

As you may have noticed, I've even named her - something I've never done before. I suspect it's a bit like BB King must feel about 'Lucille'.

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