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Unexpected connections

photo of PapaTigre! playing at TheIvyHouse

Finding what I need in the music business isn't always a direct experience for me. I've almost never ended up where I wanted to be through a logical route. Band members join unexpectedly through chance meetings or because I notice them in the street, like their dress sense and ask them if they're musicians. Business connections happen because an astrologer I see on a whim suddenly exclaims: "The wife of a big music publisher comes to me. You could do good business with him - your signs indicate this. I'll make sure she tells him to see you!". This really happened. It also had a very successful outcome.

I chose the drummer of Carmen because he wore snakeskin. He told the manager of the band he was then going to leave about us and that manager became ours.

I watched Tony Visconti being interviewed on The OLd Grey Whistle Test and thought he's the man I want to produce Carmen. Our manager knew his solicitor and arranged a meeting. We recorded two albums with Tony.

My mother remembered a bouncer who liked her at a nightclub she used to dance flamenco at. He had become one of the biggest managers in music ( Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, etc.). He met me because he still liked my mother. He became my manager.

I gave a new unreleased cd to a friend of my wife's up the street and two weeks later my band is opening for the Buena Vista Social Club. Her husband turned out to be the main promoter for all latin/fusion music in the UK.

Whenever I've taken a straight forward path to success, I've acheived nothing.

Not entirely sure what this means but I thought I'd pass the info on.

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