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I've been giggin' since I was 4, a fact I don't usually think about except every once in awhile when it surfaces and takes me by surprise. Looking at these photos from a recent show I suddenly realised how long I've been doing the same thing. I've made the decision to change what I do on stage - it's something I've contemplated for years but haven't had the courage to do, until now.

i'm playing less and less guitar and instead, I mainly sing and tell stories to the audience.

I suspect the magnificent confidence and ability my father had when talking and amusing people put me off to begin with. He seemed so accomplished I was afraid of looking second rate in comparison.

For some reason that's changed over the last year and I'm really enjoying being primarily, a raconteur and vocalist. I'm completely at ease in my new role and I don't feel the need to judge my performances harshly, something I've always done with my guitar playing.

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