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Slip-ups on stage!

I've been writing about my past for awhile, so I thought I'd bring you up to date with a funny tale from more recent times. Widescreen - my first band in many a year - was playing at a festival. We relied heavily on the technical skills of our multi talented Larry Lush. He had built a set of pedals that allowed him to start and stop his laptop whenever he wanted which meant we could use backing tracks for a mighty sound and still keep our spontaneity alive.

The three of us made an impressive noise! . . . it would occasionally go disastrously wrong.

The photo I've posted along with this blog was taken a few moments before we plunged into a particularly ridiculous mistake. In the middle of the song Larry accidentally stomped on the wrong pedal - it was quite dark on stage - and the laptop careered into a completely different tune. It was in another key, tempo and totally unexpected. Whew!

As it happens, we were well enough rehearsed that the audience was largely unaware of anything untoward. We, on the other hand, took awhile to recover.

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