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My mother the actress.

Marga was a dancer first. The reason why is interesting. When her mother was fighting her way through life in Mexico as a single parent, as well as hard work, she used hopes and dreams to keep her family going. A poster for a Fred Astaire film caught her eye one day and she decided that my mother and uncle would gain riches and fame if they became a dance duo.

From then on, she made them practice - steps they would have to make up on the spot. There was no money for proper lessons. My uncle's terpsichorean skills were nil and he turned to street-boxing instead. My mother, on the other hand, continued to follow the fantasy. She had a lot of natural skill and charisma, was very determined . . . and hot! She became successful as a solo dancer in my parent's nightclub act and that quickly lead to a Hollywood acting career.

Before we could all blink she was enrolled in Jeff Corey's school of acting - the West Coast school of movie/tv and stage stardom - and the family was listening to her practice scenes from Tennesee Williams and Shakespeare night and day. The fact that she was practicing with Jack Nicholson, Richard Chamberlain, Martin Landau, etc. didn't cut much ice with me, I was 10 and uninterested . . . and aware that she never had any spare time to spend with me anymore. There were consequences. I'll go into them another time.

ps: I also haven't forgotten about my 'magical heritage' and promise to explain soon.

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