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Me - a dual nationality kind of guy.

A small digression . . . of course. I've just become a British citizen! It was the sweetest, most rinky-dink experience I've ever taken part in. 12 of us in a small Southwark municipal waiting room being served tea, coffee and biscuits while we waited to swear allegiance to Lizzie. Once having entered the official ceremony room, we were advised by the officiating mistress that - in case of fire - we were to leave by the door with the exit sign, go to the bottom of the garden visible through the window and, once there, scramble as best/fast we could over the fence . . . there was no other way out. She was serious.

When I first visited London in 1966, I never entertained the thought that I would one day live here, be married to an Englishwoman and have English children and be a British citizen. Wow! My mother ' from the meanest streets of Mexico' still can't believe how far her progeny have travelled.

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