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My beautiful mother.

I thought my mom was the most beautiful woman ever when I was young. That wasn't a problem before I started going out with girls but once I did . . . ! Never one to take a backseat in a room, my mother was a formidable presence for any other female to have to deal with - especially one that was going out with her first born son.

At first, I was at fault, too. I found many girlfriends ultimately lacking by comparison. Then, as I grew older, I stopped thinking like that. My mom didn't. Although we eventually came to a truce, there were some truly hairy moments during my teenage years. It usually involved my mother trying to organise and suggest what I should be doing on a date or whatever. The problem was, whenever I took her advice - things never turned out as wonderfully as she said they would. Girls usually ended up breaking things off with me instead. I finally stopped putting her suggestions into practice and my relationships quickly attained a better balance and outcome.

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