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Bowie . . . and beyond! 1973

I nearly made it. The year was 1973 and I was 22 . . . my band Carmen had just released their first album, recorded and produced by Tony Visconti, and Bowie was championing us to the world. The photo I've posted was taken just after we'd been filmed performing two songs for his 1980 Floorshow TV Special.

The following year we released a second album, toured with Santana, ELO, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Golden Earring, and many more including 3 months as opening act for Jethro Tull - in all the biggest stadiums in America. Then, in '75, we settled down to record our third album and prepare to tour with the Rolling Stones.

Sound like a success story? Well . . .

Within the next 6 months our drummer smashed his knee and went mad for a period of time, we split from Tony Visconti, our manager quit and Carmen disbanded. I was left with massive debts and had to live with my parents again. Six years later I was back in London singing 'American Pie', 'The Boxer' and 'Stairway to Heaven' in small winebars for a living.

How I survived such a massive change in fortune is what I think the really interesting story is about. To be continued . . .

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