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Getting heavy at Gazzarri's. 1968

Who would have thought, looking at the photo of me as a baby, that I'd see and do the things I've done and do. I was standing in the parking lot of 'Gazzarri's on the Strip' - hoping I'd get lucky - when a young man came up and told me he really liked my band but he was sorry he couldn't fully appreciate us as he was feeling a bit nervy, "cuz a few nights back a black magician prick cut off one of my toes while I was too wasted to stop him!" Then he giggled and showed me his injured foot . . . and followed that by pulling a machete from inside his loose trousers and shaking it in my face, "No one'll fuckin' try that again!" Just another '60's Hollywood encounter, but one that let me know the hippy/freelove/good vibe druggy thing was racing off the tracks. Manson and his crew began their work 8 months later.

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