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Recallin' the sixties. 1966

I remember a club called the Hullabaloo in Hollywood. It was one of a few surviving theaters with a revolving stage. I don't know if it always stopped and started abruptly - or whether age and lack of care had bestowed that special quality - but I ended up on my ass more than once as my band emerged from behind the curtains!

Later that same summer saw Jim Morrison while playing at 'Gazzarri's on the Strip'. He was standing on stage looking blankly into the spotlights . . . completely off his face. My band was supposed to be playing, but we didn't know how to tell him to leave - neither did anyone else. We all had to wait as he basked in the glow of his own charisma . . . then finally stumbled away.

ps: that's me on the right in the 'oh so fashionable, white boy perm'. D.

pps: that's my band 'Somebodys Chyldren' on the infamous revolving stage. D.

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