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1984 - 2000

I became aware of my hands shaking in the spring of 1984. Feeling concerned, I made an appointment to see a doctor - worried that it marked the onset of Parkinson's. Instead, I was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid/throat and given 6 weeks to live . . . but I got lucky. Completely confounding the predictions of the medical establishment, I am still alive and remain exuberantly healthy.


I took an amazing sideways journey as a result of cancer . . . I became the photographer and sexual anthropologist known as Housk Randall


I had 5 books published in 4 languages, photographed a scandalous catalogue for Demask Bizarre Rubber, was included in numerous anthologies of sexual imagery and was the recipient of 3 erotic oscars.


When I met Pia, my wife, she told me that her father and brother were both named David - at which point I admitted that I, too, used to be a David. I then began the return to who I originally was.


On hearing that I was in the process of becoming David again, my mother told me something professor M. Besser, 'my medical saviour' at St. Barts, said to her on finding out I was changing my name and persona:


" Don't be alarmed, David is performing an ancient Jewish ritual - changing his identity to hide from the 'Angel of Death'. Once he feels confident of his health, he'll return to his former self."

                                                                                                               He was right.


Books published:

Radical Desire, 2002

Piercing, 2000

The Customized Body, 1996

Rituals of Love, 1994

Revelations, 1993

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